Leaders from Produce Marketing Association (PMA), National Restaurant Association (NRA) and International Foodservice Distributors Association have partnered on a multi-phase project to identify opportunities to increase fresh produce use in foodservice to promote healthy lifestyles.

The joint project will begin with an NRA-led research project examining the opportunities and barriers for greater produce use in the foodservice sector. The research findings will then be used to facilitate the first-ever Executive Invitation Think Tank of
top executives representing restaurant, distributor and produce supplier segments. The first think tank discussion will take place on July 24 in conjunction with PMA's annual Foodservice Conference and Exposition, in Monterey, Calif. That first discussion aims to form the basis for ongoing, high-level dialogues within the foodservice and produce sectors to promote increased collaboration.

"By combining unique research with high-level dialogue across the foodservice supply chain, we are positioning fresh produce as a solution to improved nutrition as well as enhanced profitability," said PMA president and CEO Bryan Silbermann in a press statement. "Armed with the research needed to make informed decisions and working together across the supply chain, we can all benefit enormously by learning together. This is a landmark moment for our associations and our members to identify greater opportunities for produce in foodservice."