Seven notable chefs from the Midwest are bringing their distinctive regional styles to the Wisconsin Cheese Chef Ambassador program. They began their service with an "immersion tour" in Madison, Wis. that included visits to seven cheesemakers, including Carr Valley Cheese, Bleu Mont Dairy and Roth Käse, as well as Wisconsin Cheese tastings.

The Chef Ambassador program, sponsored by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, connects Wisconsin Cheese and the state's legendary cheesemakers with the best chefs in the country. The program, now in its sixth year, includes 35 distinguished chefs.

The new ambassadors will cook with Wisconsin Cheese and develop innovative menu applications, some of which will be featured in their restaurants. They will also "spread the word" about Wisconsin's specialty and artisan cheesemakers to peers and patrons through a variety of activities. This year, the program has a uniquely Midwestern focus, ideal for the current class of chefs who are passionate about using local products on their menus.

The most recent ambassadors are: