The new Culinary Watch from Morpheus is the first timepiece designed especially for chefs and those who have a passion for the art of cooking. It features a Swiss alarm movement, 316L stainless steel case and super hard sapphire crystal, for surviving even the roughest kitchen abuse. Rare for a quartz movement, the Culinary Watch even has a battery power meter and GMT indicator for a second time zone.

The overall shape of the watch case is in the subtle form of a skillet and the crowns and pushers remind one of oven knobs. The crown protector is fashioned like a cookware handle, complete in detail even down to the fastening bolts! These features provide the theme of the watch, without compromising the excellent overall impression of this unique timepiece. The Culinary Watch is available in stainless or gold tone.

Chef Michael Jordan of Rosemary's sports the Morpheus Culinary Watch.

"It's unique, practical and surprisingly attractive. The culinary design cues are subtle enough to not shout 'I'm a chef!' yet are still a reminder of an avocation or profession."--Watchreport.com

"Surpassingly functional, eminently readable at a glance, and stylistically versatile enough for almost any setting."--Watch Blog

"It is a fun and inviting timepiece that I think will appeal to many people."--aBlogtoRead

"Usable in Hell's Kitchen."--CrunchGear